(2017) Singapore Foreign Passes Explained: WP/SP/EP/PR

Why Singapore PR difficult to attain? Because of foreigner seeking relocation to Singapore

And we’re here to guide you and explain to you all the Singapore Employment Passes below. So for those who would willing to stay in Singapore, I will suggest you to pay 100% attention to the following information

# Work Permit

Head count: WP holders in the service industry must not be more than 8% of the (local + foreign) workforce. In Singapore, rules dictate that there must 12 local workers for every 1 WP holder. Local workers for every 1 WP holder.

Companies are required to buy and maintain medical insurance coverage of at least S $ 15,000 per year for every WP holder; they are also required to put up a S $ 5,000 deposit upfront.

WP holders can not apply for their family members to come into Singapore, and they can not apply directly for PR.

# S Pass

S Pass is catered for overseas mid-level skilled workers. Applicants will need to undergo a Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to get an indication of whether he / she meets the requirements. The SAT will take into consideration factors such as: salary, Qualifications, skills sets, work industry and experience.

S Pass holders are required to pay a monthly levy of min $ 315. The quota for every company’s S Pass holders can only be 25% of the total (local + foreign) workforce.

Salary: Starting pay of S $ 2,200

Qualifications: A degree or diploma. Technical certificates are also acceptable, though the certification to include at least 1 year of full time study.

Experience: No official requirements on the years of work experience.

Head count: SP holders in the service industry can not be more than 15% of the workforce. For other industries, it will be 20%.

S Pass holders drawing a monthly salary of S $ 5,000 can apply a Dependant’s Pass for his / her legally married spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old.

Eligibility for PR application: Yes. (This one very important)

# Employment Pass

EP is granted to mainly to PMETs – Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians

A) Category P1 granted to applicants with a basic salary of at least S$7,000.
B) Category P2 granted to applicants with a basic salary of at least S$3,500 but not more than S$7,000.

Salary: Overseas applicants with a fixed monthly salary of S$3,300 (Employment Pass to be raised from $3,300 to $3,600 from Jan 1 2017), and have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills. P1, P2 & Q1 pass holders can apply a Long Term Visit Pass for their spouse and children (aged 21 and below).

In particular, P1 & P2 pass holders can also apply for their loved ones the Social Visit Pass. This is applicable for the following family members: common-law spouse, unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old, unmarried step-children under 21 years old,

Dependant’s Pass: Candidates earning a fixed monthly salary of S$5,000 can apply for it, while those drawing S$10,000 can apply for the Long Term Visit Pass for their parents.

Eligibility for PR application: Yes. Open for family members as well. (This one very important too)

# Permanent Residence

3 Main Problems of Singapore PR Application

  • Slim Chance of Approval
  • Complex Process
  • Tedious Work

This is a simple guide for EP, SP holders that want to apply for PR from the ICA. Here are the documents they need to bring:

Documents to bring: (This one very important)

Note – besides the original form to fill in your application, all other documents need to make two copies. Remember ah!

1.Document application form (also known as Form 4A)

2.Letter of approval by your company (to be filled in by HR department)

3.Passport (particulars page, official descriptions and endorsements from the Singapore Immigration checkpoint)

4.Identification card (Need to be translated into English)

5.Your work pass – SP or EP

6.School qualifications

7.Marriage certificate (translate into English)

8.Birth certificate (translate into English)

9.Letter of recommendation by your employer, and this must state your basic salary

10.Past 6 months’ pay-slip

11.Past three years tax returns (if you don’t have it, you may go to ICA.gov.sg, download and fill in this APPENDIX-1 PR-PTS form. ICA will then follow up with the IRAS)

12.Company Profile (self-employed EP holders will need to submit by hand)

13.School qualifications, birth cert, passport and identification card (all to be translated into English)

14.Birth cert of your children (translate into English)

15.Death cert / divorce cert relating to your spouse of course (if any, remember …English ok)

16.Other supporting documents you think that will help you

If you are applying for yourself, you need to produce the following documents:

If you are married, you need to produce the following additional documents:

If you are including your child(ren) in the application, you need to produce the following additional documents:

Do note from time to time, ICA might need more documents from you and will mail you what they need. Just give it to them!

Note: you might need a Sing-pass to access all the government portals. So do get one! You will need it to set up your e-appointment.

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