8 months pregnant wife need your advise, never thought that my life will ended up like that

26 year old lady who is currently pregnant and going to due in 2 months time , facing divorce from her Not local Husband.

She helped him on his biz by using up all her savings and even borrowed from friends to help him. After they got married , he is always out at night and the excuse he given was “go out to find money” as he is in debts. Huge amount of debts

26 year old lady didn’t know that days can be so miserable after marriage , Husband didn’t provide household money and even blame her on not cooking dinner for him.

But she is jobless as pregnant is difficult to look for job , and surviving with that $100+ left in her pocket.

As a Husband, he didn’t do his own responsibility yet always depend on the Wife, the Wife is pregnant and facing lots of stress Because the Husband always don’t appreciate what she had done for him.

But yet pushing all the blame to her and her family for contacting his family to let them know what’s happening. Thinking that he has got no fault.

The Wife have to go around to collect used clothes for her unborn baby , as she is currently not working and the Husband didn’t give her any single cents yet drinking and having fun outside every night .

Spending money on Friend generously.

Not only that he didn’t know how stressful and hurtful to be a single mom , he still used a lot of hurtful words to hurt her and her family also told her that she can go for abortion even at her 6th months also mention that it’s common to be single mom in Singapore.

He didn’t feel remorseful at all yet thinking that he has got no fault , pushing all the blame to others.

All in all , I hope this jerk learnt his lesson for being such a cold blooded person, People parent is still alive , please respect .

Karma will serve you right. Also lady out there to beware of this heartless FN who will ask you to abort your baby, and leave you alone to let you die. Such person shouldn’t be staying in Singapore !

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