Applying for PR is now so difficult!!! Pigs will fly, rooster will lay eggs got higher chance lah!!!

It is known that getting a Singapore PR is precious, something that even money can’t buy. Recently, one guy in a forum talked about getting PR for his foreign wife and child. But he would encounter lots of difficulties in the process.

For a start, when asked to select a booking date on the ICA website, he discovered that the dates were all fully booked for the next THREE months!

How is that possible? Would getting an agent help to speed up the process?

There are many agencies that are eager to help you, but quite often, they are out to rip off as much money as possible from you. Normally, their cool assurance will lead you to put your guard down.

Normally, they will say, no worry, will confirm book an appointment date for you, PR sure no problem at all one lah!

But that’s not often the case!

You can think for yourself. Is ICA really your home? Where got priority to book any date any time you fancy? Singapore is a law-by-law country ok!

If really so easy to get, Singapore’s population now 10m liao lor. Right?

But there is one cute method which you can try. Just standby and refresh like crazy when the clock strikes midnight. That’s when dates could be refreshed and some could be freed up.

What’s most important is that patience is the game. Why not try this cute but conventional method rather than wasting your money on these unscrupulous agents?

Try it and do tell us how it went?

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