Drive cab like there’s no tomorrow, taxi uncle kena terminal illness

How to balance work and life? A 57-year-old taxi driver has been driving his cab day and night for the past 20 years, all in a bid to take care of his mentally impaired son.Unfortunately, he contracted pancreatic cancer not too long ago and is now worried about his son.

In a newspaper interview, Mr Lee said that his child was 9 months old when he contracted high fever, which went up as high as 43 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, it was too late and his brain development was hindered.

Since then, he has to double up taking care of his son and drive at night after putting him to bed. Sadly, my son don’t understand why I have to bring him to school, buy food for him and help him shower and then go to work after putting him to bed.
In the past 20 years, Mr Lee has gone through a tough period, sleeping barely 7 hours per day.

“I will start driving from 5pm and end at 5am,” said Mr Lee.

“Sleep for three hours after that and I will send my son to school, then I will return home and sleep for another four hours, after which I will bring my son home.”

Due to a severe lack of sleep, Mr Lee’s body started to protest, giving out small warning signs. But he shrugged them off only to realise that his eyes are starting to turn yellowish.

After a quick diagnosis, he realized he has pancreatic cancer, which blocked the bile drainage system.

After a week stay in the hospital, Mr Lee was worried that there won’t be anyone to take care of his son and demanded to be discharged. His doctor warned that he only has two to six months left to leave if he don’t go for surgery. But he will live three to five years should he opt for surgery.

Mr Lee’s son has always been his biggest worry.

“I wouldn’t be worried if my son is a normal person, but what will really happen when I die,” lamented Mr Lee.

Help has come pouring in as people from the public helped him tide over this life crisis.

Mr Lee has not bought any medical insurance prior to that and once knowing that medical fees are over $50000, thought of giving up treatment. Fortunately, he persisted after encouragement and help from the public.

Mr Zheng (48 years, businessman) got to know about Mr Lee’s plight and immediately helped to raise funds online. We kept telling him not to give up as we sought for funds online. It is best that he gets well soon and live more years, and more importantly, be closer with his son.

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