He was unhappy that he had to walk to the cashier, you think you own the restaurant?

This is really funny when you see this kind of people in Singapore, a middle-aged man refused to pay $24 restaurant service charge as he was unhappy that he had to walk to the cashier to pay for his meal.

He think he own the restaurant?

Let the complain being:

The man was dining with his family at a Thai restaurant at Nex. He complained that the waiter was slow and vented his anger when he could not pay from his seat.

He eventually threw some cash at the counter, excluding the service charge which he thought was not worth paying for, before leaving the restaurant abruptly.

The restaurant’s manager has never met such an unreasonable customer before and felt bad for the cashier, who almost had to fork out the service charge on his behalf. It is uncertain if the restaurant will pursue the matter.

Feel sad for the cashier and for who’re serving this customer….

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