Holy smoke!!! Never ever offend a Malaysian girl!!! Guys Beware!!!

Never ever offend a girl. Especially a Malaysian girl. Not too long ago, a Malaysian girl named Vicki Lok went through a silent break-up with her boyfriend. That guy said he wants to go overseas for work, but went uncontactable after that!

Soon, she somehow managed to get him on the phone. Guess the guy’s final response? Please don’t contact me again, he said!

That made Vicki really despondent. Hence, as a way to ‘honour’ him, Vicki erected a memorial tablet for him. In a way, that means Vicki’s boyfriend is as good as dead in her eyes! Inside the tablet description, she said: “that’s the only thing I can do for you – I hope you get reincarnated soon!”

But more on Vicki. She said that things were actually good at the start. There were actually video chats between the two of them. But soon, Vicki was removed from her boyfriend’s Facebook, Instagram and Wechat accounts.

“Maybe he has found somewhere at the place he went to. But it’s strange that he would disappear without a trace,” said Vicki.

“Just a few days back, I saw people preparing for Bo Dor Festival, which honours the dead. As your former girlfriend, this is the only thing I can do for you. And that’s to appease your soul and hope you get reincarnated quick.”

Vicki’s method has since garnered lots of attention on social media. Some liked the idea, praising it for great creativity. But some were angered by it, saying breakups should always have a harmonious ending!

So then, do you know of any other strange endings to break-ups? Comment below!

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