How much are the expenses for a married couple per month?

The living standard in Singapore is rocket-high. But it is manageable if you are single. You are responsible for your own self.

But what happens when you get married and start a family? Just how much you need to spend? Here are some of the classic examples. See whether you find yourself in it!

Case Example 1

Our HDB monthly loan is $1.7k. Got baby to take care of, and that means milk, diapers and the occasional visit to the doctor. That will come up to around $500. And then add on the rest of the living expenses which will come up to $3k. No car, no maid, go restaurant makan once a week and hail a cab to work, if we’re rushing late.

Case Example 2

Two babies, both put inside government child care. Every month is $900 in total. Add on the housing loan of $1800. Throw in the utilities and general expenses, that should be close to $2000. Then we like to travel, it comes down to around $1000 per month. And that adds up to $5k at least

Case Example 3

Both of my sons are reaching 10 soon. I send them to extra curriculum classes, that should come up to $1.8k. Add in the housing loan $2k, plus general expenses, maid also $2k there. No car.

Case Example 4

Housing loan $2.5k. Maid is $650, plus a $200 levy. Car’s fully paid up, my child is 3 years old and the fees are around $1.4k. Add on the utilite bills and general expenses around 2k. One month overall expenses should be around 6-7k.

Case Example 5

Home loan partially paid by CPF. Cash portion is $600. Add in the general expenses of $700…one baby no car no maid. Parents are here to help. Holidays? Don’t even think about it! We’re eating bread and grass every day!

Case Example 6

No kids, no car, no maid. Just married. Every month expenses come up to $4000. If I want all of these, that should add on another $3000 I guess.

Case Example 7

I got three kids. Husband is the sole breadwinner. No housing loan, no car, no maid. One is in playgroup, one is in primary school, and one is still using diapers. All meals are home-cooked, with the occasional trip to the foodcourt nearby. Holidays yes, maybe 1-2 times a year. Still got some loose savings at the end of the month. I’m a happy-go-lucky person, so no worries

Case Example 8

5 to 6k, give and take. No car, no maid, no elderly to help take care of my infant child. His expenses are around $900. The thing I like to splurge is Grab, I use it to go to work/fetch my child.

Case Example 9

Housing loan fully paid by CPF. Cash at hand every month is around 3000 to 4000 bucks. It’s nice if one’s earning 5000 that can cover the household expenses. The 13th month bonus is always welcome of course.

So then, are you still interested in getting married? Are you financially committed? Comment below!

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