How much you spent on food per month in Singapore ah?

In Singapore, property and car is expensive. But it is much more affordable when it comes to meals. Oh really? Let’s find out.

My weekly expenditure on food:

Breakfast: $3
Lunch: $7
Tea: $6 (starbucks, hehe!)
Dinner: $10

That comes up to $26 per day! And it will be 26×22=$572. That’s provided I work 22 days per month!

But what about weekends? There’s 8 days of that. Four days I will still pamper myself by spending the same amount. But if I were to splurge on the other 4 days, half of that, it will come up to 60 bucks per day.

That means I can spend $340 just on the weekends alone! And the grand total? That will come up to a huge $916!

Well, that’s based on the food expenditure of a single.

But let’s sidetrack a bit from this topic. Is spending at a supermarket on the rise? Have you ever discovered that you have been spending between $50 to $100 per trip?

If you don’t want to cook after work, and is just willing to settle your meal at the CBD area, it can be quite damaging to your wallet too. A simple set meal can set you back to the tune of $20! And that’s not including the weekends, the trip to supermarket.

It all adds up, and don’t be shocked if you find out that you can spend close to $1500 per month just on food!

Or how about you spend it wisely? Lunch at the foodcourt and a better dinner meal to round off the day? After all, dinner is the best time for you and your friends to gather together and bond. Well, if you go that way, it could set you back by around $600 to $800.

Or how about the budget conscious? $10 per day. Workable? Sounds like a plan.
Singaporeans will always have to work around these bills: food, electricity and transport.

But what about a family of six, two of which are little kids? A trip to the supermarket can set you back by $50, but it can cover all three square meals.

Or what if your little one likes seafood? That will increase the pressure on your wallet for sure. So, educate them and eat smart. That’s the way it goes?

So then, what’s your monthly food expenditure like? Comment below.

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