How to solve the problem of late-coming employees? Is it solvable?

In the retail line, 90% of the workforce are part-timers. And their working hours, work pattern vary a lot.

And you won’t believe the excuses they can cook up for arriving late for work! Here’s some of them! You might be guilty of some!

  1. Salary deducted because late? But some part-timers are paid by the hour, and so will arrive on the dot. Some employers, though, have been guilty of deducting almost double the hourly wage of these part-timers!

Example: if you are late for 10 mins, you will be penalized 20 minutes worth of pay.

Cons: Doesn’t really punish the latecomers. If they are late 10 minutes. It could be just 1/6 of their $6/hour wage. $1 only!

Excuse: Since already late half hour will deduct one hour pay, may as well come in late loh.

  1. Introduce a Performance Award. If always punctual for work, then will be entitled to bonus.

Cons: Doesn’t really reward well as many employees’ working hours are different. It is unfair to those who work longer working hours.

  1. Warning system. Three strikes and you’re out. Give a warning letter, and if really cannot take it, just give the red card! OUT!

Cons: turnover rate will be high, and time will be needed to train the replacements.

So, what’s the reaction like?

Ah Bill: I always late, always change my boss. Hehe, no lah, actually kena fire.

Anne Joanne: Only scared in the end, it’s the employer who suffers because it will be difficult to find those willing to work!

Jia Le: Because 90% work on a part-time basis, and can go off anytime. If I suka suka fire them, my boss will be unhappy too!

Ai3838: simple. The reason why they leave is because they think that this job got no future. Only a stepping stone lah. What’s part-time? You know the true meaning? Unless the pay you give them very high lah!

Jia Le: Actually the part-time pay rate is quite high in Singapore already. I already pay my workers $7.50 per hour. And I’m not in the F&B line.

Fang: just let them work 8 hours max. deduct their pay if late loh.

Guo Tai: provide better benefits, maybe then they will appreciate the company more?

Chan Yong Ling: give some rewards lah. These part-timers can anytime throw letter one. If kena pok, they just go work at Mcdonalds, KFC, burger king and pizza hut loh.

Xbenny Loo: if don’t late, then give reward lah. That will be more effective than punishing them. Adopt the carrot, not the stick!

Mr Tan: Give the workers performance bonus lah. Go with the second solution. Don’t worry about not being fair. This society is already unfair anyway what. You reap what you sow. If they want to be fair, then ask them go home sleep lah!

Kelvin Ng: If no employees, your company can survive or not?

Evelyn Kyx: My company is like that one. If I am late for a minute, will be docked half hour pay. But then, can also pay back by time. If late one minute, then work extra 30 minutes. Pay back 30 times loh!

Do you have any other suggestions that can help remedy this never-ending issue? Time management should come from within. Performance bonus should be exclusively handed out to people who are always punctual for work and don’t anyhow take MC and urgent leave. Agree? Comment below!

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