If these 8 things happen to you, confirm you old already lah!

What’s the thing that frightens you most in Singapore? Death? Taxes? MRT breakdowns?

But if there’s one common thing people fear most – it has to be the fear of growing old.

If you have these common characteristics – it goes to show that you are starting to age. Check it out!

Time and tide wait for no man. It is true. It is like a virus that slowly takes away your youth. You realise you have been “infected” when someone starts calling you ‘uncle!”

Most annoying is the time when you share a lift with someone with his son in hand. The adult will say: “Aiyoh, boy, why you never call Uncle?”

I will give a sheepish grin, but inside me, I will be shouting “Un, your head lah…Kim Jong-Un I know lah!”

For those born in the 80s and even 90s, check out these 8 things that confirm you old already lah!

1.Buy cigarette no need show IC anymore. Last time kena ask by the seller to show IC. Now no need. You can go for plastic surgery and make yourself younger. But if still not asked to show IC, then no choice loh. ACCEPT FATE!

2.Eat little little, but belly big big. It’s like that one. It’s body metabolism slowing down. That only happens to people who are ageing! Arghhhhhh!

3.Wearing sloppily. When you think that Bermudas-slipper combo is good. That means you are already part of this generation. P/S: 90% of the young people when they buy things, they go for the quality, a complete opposite of you!

4.IPPT sweat like crazy! Last time no sweat and can get $400 incentive for GOLD. Last time pull-up can go 7 to 10 times. Now struggle like crazy after two pull-ups!

5.You only know Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings. But you don’t know a single K-POP song. And you like to sing golden melodies during your KTV session such as such as海阔天空,喜欢你,真的爱你,死性不改,千千阙歌,好心分手,光辉岁月,K歌之王, 等你等到我心痛,对不起,我爱你,教我如何不爱他! (Ehh… this one can’t translate cos all the Mando-pop and Canto-pop… Hehe!)

6.Companies will come to headhunt you because you got experience. Oh wait. Experience means you have been working for a long time. Old is gold? Haha!

7.You like the traditional breakfast combo of Kopi O, half-boiled egg and kaya toast. Then you will lift your leg while enjoying it. Just like a typical old aged uncle!

8.People call you UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE. Yup, especially those little children! Ok, you can forgive them. But actually, they call you because it was their parents who ordered them to do so! Ok, where’s the hole to hide my head?

So then, have you got at least half of these characteristics? Hopefully, after reading this, you will learn to make full use of your time. After all, time and tide wait for no man!

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