If you are a foreigner, you will surely encounter some of these stuff

Singapore, this little red dot, is unique in many ways. If you are a foreigner, you will surely encounter some of these stuff! Don’t believe? Read on…

  1. Instant way to throw rubbish

Yap, Singapore is a convenient place to work and live in. So convenient that you don’t need to leave your home to throw the rubbish. Search for this silver chute in the kitchen, lift up the flap and chuck your rubbish down. But please tie up your stuff before chucking it down. And please don’t throw beer bottles down in the dead of the night.

  1. Majulah Singapura

Remember SG50? That jubilee year, many people of all races and ages, kept singing the national anthem. But it is not written in English or Mandarin, but Malay! That is the official language of Singapore! The song, Majulah Singapura, was written in 1958 when it attained self-governance from England.

Upon full independence in 1965, it was formally adopted as Singapore’s national anthem. However, quite a significant aren’t quite sure of the lyrics! Google it if you are reading this now and unsure the full meaning of this song!

  1. Shop, shop, shop!

Economy not doing well? Unemployment rate on the rise? Not a worry. The shopping centers are still packed to the brim! Almost every MRT station has its own shopping center, and that’s where people head there for their daily necessities! It gets super packed when it comes to the annual GSS. And oh, what about the queues for the nice food, like soy chicken noodles or the Japanese ramen not too long ago?

  1. Chope with a tissue packet

If you ever been to hawker centers, food courts, you will often see a tissue packet placed strategically on the table. It means that the bearer of that tissue pack is away buying food and would like to redeem that seating spot when he’s back! This is not for free. You will see this phenomenon most often during lunchtime breaks, particularly at the working districts.

  1. Singapore’s public holidays

Singapore is a multi-cultural society with the Chinese making up 70% of the population, and the Malays, Indians and Eurasians making up the other 30%. In this melting pot, delicate consideration has been made when it comes to the holiday of each distinctive race. If you would have a quick check at the public holidays, all the four races will get their two holidays each! That’s how fair things are in Singapore. The Chinese will cover the job duties for their Malay colleagues, and this will be done vice versa.

  1. Many Singaporean Chinese don’t know their roots

This can be traced to the time when in 1980, founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew closed the Nanyang University, otherwise known as the Nantah. The emphasis has been all English as Singapore continued its march to be a global superpower. Mandarin was retained as a ‘mother tongue’, but the connection was lost there as many struggled to engage with the language.

  1. Bird poo everywhere

Be careful of aerial bombardment when you walk down the streets of Orchard Road. That is a popular spot for birds to “do their business” from far above.

Agree with all the unique Singapore traits? Yes, these are Made in Singapore! Comment below if you want to add more…

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