If you don’t intend to give bonus, please let your employees know earlier

In the days before the Chinese New Year, people can be seen bragging how big their bonus was. Some also posted that they have next to nothing! To all the bosses out there who are reading this.

Please spare a thought for your employee. While you are eating sumptuous meals, living in posh apartments and take a two-week break to Europe, think of your employees!

They work hard throughout the year just to hope that there is a bonus at the end of the year!

For all the bosses, if you don’t intend to give bonus, faster let your employees know! Adults no need new clothes new shoes, but their children definitely need so!

Don’t only give them the bad news on the day they pack up for CNY! Can you imagine the disappointment on the kids’ faces if their father comes home and says with a sad tone that there’s no bonus in his pocket?

CNY is the most important festive celebration in a Chinese household. Why not you and your missus take one less holiday and pass on the expenses to your employees? It may not be much, but it will certainly go a long way.

Don’t last minute then blame on the slumping economy, don’t last minute say company don’t make money ah! All the money go into your pocket liao. You wear gold necklace like a rapper and you live in a palace…aiyah…say liao wanna cry!

If you can sacrifice a bit in return for the loyalty of your employees…why not? Hmm…after all, employees are the best asset of the company.

Let’s hear some views from the forum:

Ling Ling: But then, some boss will also like to compare you with some other people, and will give you a hint that someone can take your job anytime. So you still dare to argue?

Joey Siew: I am still waiting for my salary, let alone my bonus. Kena drag for 3 months liao.

Alex Wong: Always say never earn money. Crap lah, then close shop better lah. Tahan so long for what?

David Tang: I am also waiting. Salary? Ok lah, quite punctual. Bonus? Wait long long lah. My boss already start to grumble that the company not earning money after the Mooncake festival. But then hor, he just came back from a 21-day trip to North Pole.

Li Qian: Wah, my boss really never earn money. His car loan also owe two months liao, but he was kind enough to give us each a month’s bonus.

Yong Ling Chan: No good news one lah. Got job sustain can liao. Still dare to ask for bonus. He will surely reply…you know how many people outside no job or not?

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