It’s my business to pump slowly, please go to the other side to do it

Drove into Defu kiosk earlier, all pumps are occupied. Randomly chose a pump with the nozzle on the right side of the vehicle.

Pulled up behind this sonata. I noticed the driver left the nozzle in the fuel hole and was dusting his car mat.

Me: Hello! Are you done with the pump?
Him: I’m waiting for the fuel to settle.
Me: … (Thinking to myself – Wtf?)
Me: If you want to clean your car, finish your top-up and drive to the other side to do it.

He ignored me, proceed to put back his car mat on the front pax side of his car, then continued to dust off his driver side mat.
Proceed to squeeze the fuel nozzle slowly.

Me: Why do you need to pump to the brink?
Him: It’s my business.
Me: …
Me: You are pumping cent by cent. When are you gonna finish?
Him: You are behind me so you wait. There are other pumps available. (By this time, the taxi beside us just finished and left.)
Me: My taxi fuel hole is on the right side. You are not the only driver using the diesel pump, other driver needs to use it too.

I walked back to my vehicle, took my phone and snapped a picture of him. We stared at each other while he gave me a “I doing it purposely. What can you do?” look.

I walked back and gave him a piece of my mind. While reversing my vehicle, I finally saw him close his fuel cap and put back the nozzle.

By: Mr. Tan‎

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