Latest property rental data in Singapore (UPDATED)

Many migrants workers here in Singapore come with a common aim. And that’s to earn as much money as possible to give their wife and children back home a better life.

But rental is expensive in this little red dot. If not expensive, then sure meet a black-hearted landlord. Let’s now check out the latest property rental data in Singapore.

Just how much should we pay so as not to get cheated of our hard-earned money!The following table shows the median resale prices by town and flat type for resale cases registered in the 4th quarter of 2017:

HDB has released this latest report, which should be useful for you. Just take a look and crunch the numbers.

Bet you can’t find any other info elsewhere!

Now, for the things that make us migrant workers really worry. We of course can’t afford to buy. We can only rent. A few hundred dollars could make a difference. So let’s have a good look at the median rental by town and flat type registered in the 4th quarter of 2017:

Legend and notes

Take note of the following when referring to the tables:

1. The figures are based on rent declared in the subletting application forms and rounded off to the nearest $10
2. (-) Indicates that there are no subletting transactions in the quarter
3. Indicates that the median rent is not shown because there are less than 20 subletting transactions in the quarter for that particular town and flat type
So then, everyone clear on the rules? Next time you kena quote over by $200 or more, just show this chart to the landlord and watch his reaction!

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