One home rented by 20 people. How to catch this silly landlord?

Recently, someone posted this on the internet on this interesting house rental problem. Let’s hear his account!

“My female friend was living in a rented flat. The first time she moved in, she realized that there were six tenants in a room.

And there were another four in another room, and another six in another room. That makes up a total of 16 tenants.

Those two rooms were all occupied by males. They even partitioned a mini space in the living room.

There were two sides of it. One was occupied by an uncle, the other was taken up by two other people. Which makes it a grand total of…what…20 tenants!

The turnover was high. When I paid my female friend a visit, she was already contemplating to leave as she couldn’t endure the living conditions.

When she gave half a month’s notice to the landlord while requesting for her deposit to be returned, she was fiercely rebuked.

I was so angry for my friend and really wanted to confront him on why he rented out his flat to so many people. Was it legal? Is there any way I can solve this problem?”

Check out the replies:

Beer-bear: Tell the landlord if don’t refund, you will go HDB and report him. Once HDB knows, you will be in trouble. Don’t be afraid. Just tell him the truth. After all, I experienced that myself!

Green-red chilli: Of course illegal lah. Tell the landlord if don’t refund, you will go HDB and report him. Best you always find a landlord that always live on the right side of the law. And because now and then, you might have to update your address due to your study or work nature. Previously, my landloard even helped me to update address through HDB. Even the PUB bills also got my name on it! Remember, the new law is that from May 1, 2018, only six people maximum can live in a rented 4-room flat. Not 20 lah. Crazy ah!

Xiaoyan: Threaten to report and you will only not do so if the deposit is returned. Secondly, take pictures of the living conditions before your friend move out. And after that, report to HDB! Contribute to society! Haha!

Huangfeihong585: Go HDB report. If it’s private property, go URA complain. Try to take a video if can. It will be the best evidence. Go right in from the front door and try to take a looooooooong video of it.

Broco: Wah, that landlord really fierce. Already in the wrong still so yaya papaya don’t want to return you deposit. If I were him, I sure return lah.

Belle: Go find a new place to stay first. Then don’t talk much. Don’t give deposit right? Report to HDB loh!

Nono: I think you deserve it. Why you never check before moving in. Got sign contract or not?

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