Please respect our Civil Servants, they are the ones maintaining our law and order, not for you to abuse!

Recently, you might have heard of the case where a man resisted arrest by the policeman. There was also a case of a woman brandishing a knife and threatening a social worker. There’s also the ang moh who wreaked havoc at the Changi Airport.

Just what’s happening with this red mist in the little red dot? Experts note perhaps the public can learn to patient and not use violence as the fix-it solution for all grievances.

There was a report in Lianhe Wanbao a few weeks ago about a 44-year-old Australian man who was abusive towards policeman at Changi Airport Terminal 2. He was originally sentenced to six months and two weeks jail, but after an appeal, he incurred an extra two months’ jail time.

(Man resist arrest, turns violent and hurts three police officers)

There was another case when a man was stopped by the police because he was driving recklessly. He resisted arrest and hurt three police officers in the process.

In February 2017, a 39-year-old woman was unhappy that she was denied visiting rights with her son by a social care centre. She went mad over the decision and in fit of anger, raised a knife to the neck of a social worker!

Fei Yue Community Service’s Mr Ling thinks that people nowadays in Singapore are more hot-tempered and have high expectations of civil workers.

“And when their issues go unresolved, they will use excessive force,” added Mr Ling.

Mr Wang, a lawyer, also thinks that people in the past used to fear the police forces, but no longer do so.

“Nowadays, they will just complain about a policeman, and will even be rude, abusive to them,” he said.

“If this phenomenon goes unchecked, the society could turn messy. So, there’s a real need to increase penalties for offenders that are abusive to social workers.”

“This measure is needed to maintain society orderliness.”

Another lawyer, Mr Sun, also believes that anyone who is abusive towards a civil servant should be jailed straightaway.

It is needed as this will make those potential offenders think twice before they raise their fists.

If civil servants don’t get the respect they deserve, this society will be losing its moral values!”

Mr Sun also added that public transport workers and ambulance paramedics should also be protected and those who are abusive to them should be punished as well!

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