SG economy not doing well. Has it created a hostile work environment?

The world economy is in a slump right now. And Singapore, one of the few countries to be rated AAA+, has been hit as well.

There has been whispers that retrenchments are in place, and quite many haven’t got a job.

Has this ailing economy led to a hostile work environment then? The cold hard stares and the refusal to help each other – all in the sake of protecting your own interest. Is that really happening?

Even those with high qualifications are having difficulties in getting a job.

Resumes have been sent to plenty prospective employers, but none has got a reply. And if there is, via a phone call, the first few words coming from the other end will be: “are you a Singaporean or PR?” Sigh!

Those holding onto a job has also been threatened by pay cuts. Those who are worried over their rice bowls can learn from the company’s past track record in retrenchments. That is just no joke.

Recently, Singapore Management University and The Business School for the World (INSEAD) had a co-survey on how an ailing economy could impact the workplace mood.

And the results were disappointing.

Just why is this happening? Simple enough. Once you “impart” the skills to your colleague, you basically lose a vital set of “skills” and have made yourself vulnerable.

And that can only give your boss an opportunity to wield the axe. The researchers have called it “either I prevail or I perish” syndrome!

Yap, this is not a very good work culture!

A successful company can’t do without its employees. It need to co-exist, and need to be a strong one. In all words, teamwork spirit is a must. Only then optimal work rate can be achieved.

This is often why some huge companies, when placing a recruitment ad, would want a prospective candidate to have teamwork spirit!

So to those intending not to share your skills set with your colleagues, this might not sit down well with companies that advocate teamwork spirit. So it’s pretty much a catch-22 situation yeah.

The researchers have also advised that companies can send their employees for work restructuring when the economy is not doing well.

Only then it will boost the morale of the employees and not put them in a situation where they either prevail or perish!

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