The hard realities of working in Singapore. Just don’t let your family know

It’s not easy to make a living in Singapore. That’s the case for foreigners who have left their hometown to work in the little red dot. In the eyes of their loved ones, Singapore is a haven.

But who will understand the suffering you have to endure here?

1.They think we work in a stylo stylo metropolis

But actually this is the harsh working environment

2.They think we eat good delicacies

But 1 meat 2 vegetables economy rice is the real stuff that we eat

3.They think we spend our weekend in a cosy café

Ya, actually this is how I spent my weekend

4.They think this apartment is where I live

Sorry hor, excuse me, I am the upper deck

5.They think we shop here

But no lah, more pasar malam

6.They think we travel by taxis

Sorry, it is MRT. And always breakdown

7.They think that we gather and chit chat at high class restaurant

No lah, actually this hawker center also not bad. No air con only what.

For those who have come to Singapore for work, each has his or her own fascinating story to tell. It is the dream to give your loved ones a better life that strives you on!

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