The top ten companies I want to work for in 2018. Never mind about the salary

What is it you look for when applying for a job with a company? Salary? Prospects? Or the boss’ face?

Recently, popular job recruitment website did a survey, and surprisingly the pay package is no longer top of a candidate’s main concerns.

It is the job industry, the management and the leadership that are the winning factors.Over 1200 people were surveyed and here’s the results.

1.Type of work culture

Management and leadership style 71.2% chose this option, which pretty much wins everything hands down!

2.Benefits, awards

13th month bonus guaranteed, general bonus, medical benefits, car and house allowance. The more the merrier!


Yup, it’s no longer the top priority. It’s now number three.Other factors that come into play? The reputation of the company, the prospects, flexible working hours and the work-life balance. also did a survey on which three companies Singaporeans most like to work for. Let’s see the list!

1. Google (internet search engine)
2. Apple (technology giant)
3. Singapore Airline (aircraft industry leader)
4. Facebook (media giant)
5. Shell (petroleum giant)
6. ExxonMobil (petroleum giant)
7. Microsoft (computer giant)
8. Changi Airport
9. P&G (consumer giant)
10. Keppel (oil and gas giant)

Anyone in that list? Lucky you. Comment below about the work culture there if you can. For those not in the list, continue to work hard and achieve your dreams.

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