Want to apply for PR, but was told that documents I brought are not enough and not correct? What’s going on here?!

One reader posted online, said: “I recently intend to apply for PR, and finally was scheduled for an appointment with ICA, but 3 days before submitting the documents, only to heard from friends that all the original Chinese documents should be translated and notarized.

With my own thoughts, I thought that as long as there are translations on the documents all should be ok. But the question now is, it was too late to get all the documents in Chinese to be translated and notarized, and moreover I do not know where in Singapore to find a notary public to get a fast notarisation.”

Upon seeing this, there are people still do not know that to apply for PR, documents to be submitted to ICA are required to be translated and notarized?

Brother, how did you survive in Singapore one? Well, today we come to give you a glimpse of the requirements of the various government agencies in Singapore on the translation of documents.

When living in Singapore, there are always need to deal with a lot of government agencies.

Especially for foreigners, going to ICA, MOM, SPF and other departments. Also applying for a permit, apply for PR, change a driver’s license, etc., all have to go to these agencies. During this time, you need to prepare the relevant documents, and in Singapore, these official documents are in English, Chinese documents or documents of other languages need to be translated, some also need certification.

Please refer below:

MOM – Ministry of Manpower Department

Ministry of Manpower Department required documents to be in English, if the documents are in Chinese, only need to be translated to English, do not require notarization (notary public).

We take an example of an EP application. In MOM official website, it pointed out that “For documents not in English, submit an English translation and a copy of the original document. The translation an be done by a translation service provider, embassy or notary public.” As to where to translate them, it’s up to you, as long as you are happy because they do not enforce notarization.

SPF – Singapore Police Force

Singapore TP (Traffic Police), clearly stipulates that non-English documents need translation certification.

We take foreigners in Singapore applying for driver’s license, for example, SPF official website pointed out that “official translation of your drivers license in English is required. You may obtain translation from the relevant Embassy, High Commission, the Singapore Subordinate Court or the Singapore High Court.”

Please note: The High Court of Singapore does not translate foreign documents from now on, except to be used in court. (Police brothers, the info in the official website needs to be updated liao lor…)

ICA – Immigration & Customs Authority of Singapore

Documents that are required by the Immigration Office needs to be translated and certified. For example, when applying for PR, ICA official website pointed out that the translation of non-English documents, they only recognized the following 3:

1. Translations provided by the embassy
2. Translations provided by the notary office (a notarized institution)
3. Private translation certified by the Embassy

Apply for PR need what kind of documents:

Please note: Last August, ICA released important reminders as well as new checklist! The immigration office will not accept PR applications that are incomplete or lack of documents. In this case, you will need to reschedule a new appointment and re-submitted all documents again!

So, what are really needed in a PR application?

Reminder: When applying for PR, all the documents need to be translated if they are not in English and also notarised, additional to that, all documents need to provide a copy of the original.

If the individual applies separately:

A1. Valid passport Personal information and official notes page, original and photocopy
A2. EP or S Pass
A3. ID (if any)
A4. Birth certificate or official account (non-English translation required)
A5. Change the certificate (if any, non-English translation required)
A.6. All academic certificates (including all diplomas), transcripts, professional licenses / associations Certificate of competency / vocational qualification certificates (not required for translation in English)
A7. Past employer’s letter of recommendation, job title, scope of work, duration and salary (if any)
A8. The last six months of the payroll
A9. Over the past three years the tax form, or signed the form authorized immigration office to view the tax situation.
A10. Self-employed persons are required to provide company registration paper (BIZFILE), major contracts and sales documents for the past three months.

If you are married, you will need to provide the following additional documents:

B1. Marriage certificate (non-English translation required)
B2. Proof of death or divorce certificate of past marriage (if any, non-English translation required)
B3. Past Marriage Child’s custody document (if any, non-English translation required)
B4. The highest education of the spouse (including all education certificates, non-English translation required)

If the spouse applies for PR:

B5. Valid passport for spouse Personal information and official notes page, original and photocopy
B6. Proof of Birth of Spouse (Non-English Required Translation Notarized)
B7. Proof of change of spouse (if any, non-English translation required)
B8. The identity of the spouse (if any, non-English translation required)
B9. Proof of death of a spouse in the past, proof of divorce certificate or custody certificate (if any, non-English translation required)

If you apply with your child, you will need to provide the following documents:

C1. The child’s valid passport personal information and official notes page, original and copy
C2. Child’s birth certificate (non-English translation required)
C3. Child’s custody certificate (if any, non-English translation required)
C4. The child’s name change document (if any, non-English translation required)

# Hope that the above solution can help you, Brother!

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