What? Don’t know English? Then don’t work service & retail

Recently, someone posted online that PRC workers shouldn’t work in the service & retail industry if they don’t speak English. He recalled that a customer service officer replied to him in Mandarin when he asked the question in English.

He strongly believes that PRC people shouldn’t be holding a job in this industry if they can’t speak simple English. And that’s because he believes English is the dominant language here!

“If want to speak Chinese, go work in a Chinese restaurant lah,” the frustrated man said.

“And why must they even work in a Japanese theme food court? I thought the Chinese hate Japanese to the core? And it makes me wonder why don’t give this job opportunity to our own locals first?”

The response was a varied one. Some totally agreed with him, saying they also had bad experience with non-English speaking PRC in the service sector. Another added that it is the PRC’s duty to learn English if they want to earn money here. And it goes the same to Singaporeans who have to learn Mandarin as they head to China for work.

Another said that this occurrence will bring shame for Singapore as tourists will think that Singaporeans receive bad English education!

Another agreed saying that English is the first language in Singapore and the Lion City shouldn’t be the next China.

This guy also agreed, saying that English is the main working language, and all those who cannot speak English should be shipped back to China!

This guy was more cynical, saying that those working in the famous red light district Geylang don’t really need to learn how to speak English as long the service is good!

Haha, and this guy said that some people already thought Singapore as part of China. And they simply have to suck it up.

One was so angry saying that they shouldn’t be in the service industry and should be barred from buying house in Singapore as well!

This guy fully agreed saying that he will insist on speaking English to PRC cashiers or sales persons even he can speak fluent mandarin!

This one more funny – saying that it’s best not to let them enter Singapore, maybe except for those working in the sex industry…hmmm!

Of course, there were some who disagreed…

This guy said that as long the service is good, whether the staff don’t know how to speak English or is mute…er…also can lah.

Another came out sympathized them, saying that they are here to earn a living and it’s not easy to travel from their hometown to Singapore! He even reminded Singaporeans whether they have forgotten the pledge!?

This one took the cake by retorting that our parents don’t speak fluent English as well.

Another criticized the contributor, saying he is a brainless idiot. He even challenged him to go take up the low-paying job before passing judgement.

Another said that it is impossible for Singaporeans to work for such a low salary package.
Another pointed at the fact that Singaporeans, actually, do suck at speaking fine English! Singlish lah!

Another reminded of the time when our ancestors came from Southern China and don’t even know a single English word too! History teacher he must be?

Another say that our locals are simply too picky at jobs. This is purely an isolated case, where there are no such problems at hotel front desk.

A China person also lambasted Singaporeans, saying they don’t speak quality English too, and they have to get an interpreter.

Another Chinese person said that they have difficulty understand Singlish, and it is not a crime since the work permit is approved by the government.

Another laughed it off saying that 99% of the people would have lost their jobs if speaking proper English is a pre-requisite.

Another tried to fan the flames by saying whether this rule appliy to other nationalities such as Bangladeshi, Indians, Malaysians and Burmese!


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