Which is the best country to work overseas? Of course Singapore lah!

In a 2017 survey conducted by HSBC, people were surveyed on which is the best country to work overseas. Close to 21,000 people from 159 countries did the survey, and for fairness, each country needs to have at least 100 survey participants.

And guess who is at the top? Singapore! And it was for a third consecutive time!

Norway and New Zealand took second and third spots respectively. Other than Singapore, UAE was the only Asian country to be ranked in the top ten. Taiwan and Hong Kong were placed 18th and 20th. China was further back at 41st.

65% of the respondents say they pick Singapore because of the high salary package. On average, they can receive more than 42% of their usual take-home income. That goes as high as S$110,000!

64% of them also said Singapore’s standard of living is much better, while 82% said the security and safety of the red little dot was the clincher. 72% also said the education system was the reason why.

But 84% also agreed that the cost of nurturing a child in Singapore’s education system is more expensive than back home.

The work-life balance is also not all praise with the respondents, with 47% of them thinking it is worse than their homes.

This, as compared to Norway, where the rate is as high as 90%! So, do Singapore really need to fine-tune their work-life balance here? It has always been a serious problem.

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