Why all the air-con technicians are 90% from Malaysia?

Sometimes, looking at Singapore’s vibrant economy, you tend to wonder whether they would have made it without the help of the foreign workforce. From the MOM stats report, Singapore has a workforce of 1.4m foreign workers, some of it including EP, SP & WP holders.

What if we don’t have those helpers & workers, what will happen? Here’s some scenarios.

Pile of garbage left unattended

Wah, imagine waking up every day to the stench of rotten food and waste. And then the cockroaches, lizards and rats will soon follow.

Construction sites cease work

Then what about public works? Such as your rail tracks, road works…they are all done by this bunch of people you know? You want to be Phua Chu Kang yourself? You sure or not…

Domestic maids say byebye

Yap. No more Maria this, Maria that. See how you can survive in your own home. There’s 240,000 maids in Singapore, the majority of them from Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

And we are really totally definitely DEPENDENT on them! They are the caregivers to the elderly, fetch the kids to school and ensure that the floor is not sticky and your clothes are not creasy…whew, just typing this is tiring enough! So, you sure?

And what about the air con technicians (Did you notice all the air con technicians are 90% from Malaysia not Singapore?), the public works, the plumbers, who will help to service and maintain them if they are sent away? What if your lift is spoilt? Then walk the stairs loh, don’t worry, you live on the 15th floor only what…hahaha.

Bus captains

Yes, what about these glorious bus captains? 22% of them – according to a report in 2012 – come from across the causeway. If they are ‘removed’, what will happen to the public transport system? It will be crippled for sure. Yes, and you can expect the waiting time to be, let’s say, 45 minutes? You may as well use your legs and walk to your destination right?

Beauty works

Don’t forget some are specialized in the trade of beauty grooming. From top to toe. So who will be there to make you pretty pretty when they are sent home?

In 2016, Singapore needed to fill up 53,800 jobs. If we don’t have this battalion of workers, imagine how we can cope!

And honestly, if there’s no supply of workers, it will inadvertently lead to price increases.

For example, a plate of chicken, which costs $3, will now have to increase due to lack of manpower. It has to be sold at a price which the owner needs to make a profit.

What if the air con servicing don’t have these workers? The boss will roll up his sleeves and do the dirty work. But at what cost? Maybe double the usual price of $50.

So then, the government’s plan to introduce higher wages to the jobs Singaporeans don’t like to do – well there’s some truth in it right.

Singapore need the highly-skilled workers, just as much as they need ones who can do the dirty work. So, think carefully, don’t take these guys for granted alright?

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