Why it is so hard to maintain a healthy savings account?

Why ah why ah, every month salary fast fast come, fast fast go? Why it is so hard to maintain a healthy savings account? My balance never more than 5 digits one.

First two weeks after getting salary? Spend like a king. The other two weeks? Maciam like a pauper.

Don’t get sick in Singapore they say…yes right. One trip to the doctor, and it sets you back by $50.

Got kid? Hey, you know how much a tin of formula milk cost?

Salary still has to deduct 20% for CPF. How to survive? Yes lah, you see your ordinary account in CPF very fat…but can take out meh?

Every month take salary, pay this pay that…pay bills, pay rental, pay credit card…die lah.

The only time really die die can save? Of course, the 13th month bonus loh.

Then sometimes you feel you have done a good job in saving up, your friends then ask you go Bangkok/Hong Kong for shopping.

How ah how ah? Of course must go lah…die die cannot say no money. Face more important right?

Sometimes got long weekend also need to go back hometown take a short break. Also must spend money right. Wallet will always face a stern test now and then.

And I tell you …this cycle always repeat year in year out one! Die lah, die lah!

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