Why the elderly in Singapore need to work? Do they really love to work?

Many people, especially tourists, might notice that there’s quite a lot of elderly in Singapore. But they still have to slog away instead of enjoying life at home.

These manual jobs might seem tough, but to them, it adds spice to their lives! But what could be the real reason? It might be they were neglected by their children? Even this topic has been mentioned in the parliament and it brings home a stern

Here are some reasons why:

1.Apply for financial help, but get blamed by children

For some elderly, they can apply for government grant to cope with their daily routine. But once their children got to know about this will shift the blame on them, nagging at them to change their daily routine instead. The elderly might be hurt even by these words, what they really want is three square meals, a roof over their head and tender love care by their children!

2.Homeless after selling home

Sadly, there have been numerous cases over the years as the elderly, in a bid to help their children tide over living costs, sell their home. They presumed that they will be invited to live together with their children. But the sad reality is that they got no response. And where they sleep? Out on the streets! And forget about the maintenance fees too!

3.Sick also cannot use CPF funds

For some elderly, they might be burdened with diabetes or heart disease and will need to go on long-term medication. However, they can only withdraw $400 from their Medisave account for medical fees. They will have to fork out another $800 to buy medicine.

But then! He has over $50000 in his Medisave account! So he will grumble that he can’t live that long and that money will go to waste. And what happen if he passes on? Sigh…

4.Send the elderly to old folks home, seriously all for the better?

Someone commented on the forum recently about the sadness in the eyes of the elderly in the old folks home – he just can’t bear to look at it anymore.

Yes, they are well taken care of and their basic needs are all met, but nobody will ever ask what they really want in life. To say the brutal true, they have lost their pride.

5.Relationship improves after home care?

That particular person who commented on the forum also talked about his father, who had dementia. But no one in the home realized about it. It was only brought into attention when his memory deteriorated, and he had mood swings.

The person blamed himself for not keeping a close relationship with his father, and the problem would have been discovered earlier had both father and son enjoyed a warm relationship.

When the person changed his dad’s diaper, he discovered how much his father has changed. The relationship gradually improved as he brought him to doctor visits and feed him!

As the saying goes, having an elderly around in your home is an asset. They took good care of us during our growing up years, and it is only right that we repay them during their golden years.

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